First Odessa wants to partner with parents in laying a spiritual foundation for their children, with the hope that they will one day be reborn and transformed. The First Odessa KidMin can best help children discover and develop a love for God and the truth that comes from his Word by providing (1) inter-generational learning opportunities that incorporate children into the church body, and (2) age/developmental-directed learning opportunities for parents and children. The fruit of this two-fold approach being children who know God’s Word AND live out what they know in their daily words and works. All programs and events planned throughout the year are working toward this mission.

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KidMin activities


Sunday 9:00-10:00 PK Bible Study Groups

Bible Study Groups for Children birth through pre-kindergarten meet in Preschool Park. Preschoolers learn a Bible story and participate in lesson activities to help them apply the lesson.

Sunday 10:15-11:40 Wiggle Worship

A time for babies through pre-kindergarteners to play, sing, and learn during the 10:30AM Worship Service. All members with preschoolers are asked to volunteer on a rotational basis on the Wiggle Worship Volunteer Team.

Wednesday 6:00-7:30 KidVenture

Our potty-trained threes through Kindergarteners meet in Downtown for KidVenture. Weekly kids learn about God through worship, interactive lessons, and fun activities.

*We also provide childcare for parents attending Worship Rehearsals or any on campus Bible Study Groups

Kinder—Fourth Grade

Sunday 9:00-10:00 Bible Study Groups

Bible Study Groups for Children kinder through second grade meet in Downtown, third and fourth graders meet in Uptown. All children birth-fourth grade need to be checked in in the Commons before heading to class, entering from the Downtown Entrance. Parents will pick-up all kinder-fourth graders at 10:15 from the same entrance.

*We believe kids should be in our 10:30AM Worship Service with us! We make “Big Church Bags” available to our fours through 2nd graders to help you as you teach them how to behave and respond to God in the Worship Service.

Wednesday 6:00-7:30 KidVenture

Our first through fourth graders check-in in the Commons and then head to Uptown for KidVenture. Weekly kids learn about God through worship, interactive lessons, and fun activities.

Fifth—Sixth graders

Sunday 9:00-10:00 Fifty-Six Bible Study Groups

Fifty-Six, First Odessa’s ministry for preteens, meets for Bible Study Groups in the Fifty-Six Suite, the rooms overlooking the Commons that can be accessed through Uptown. Fifth and Sixth graders can check themselves in and do not need a parent to pick them up when Bible Study Groups conclude.

Wednesday 6:00-7:30 Fifty-Six Nights

Our preteens grab a snack from near the gym and head up to the Fifty-Six Suite at 6:00 on Wednesday Nights for activities, worship, engaging Bible Lessons, and conclude in the gym with games.

The goal of Fifty-Six is to help preteens learn to cultivate and walk in right relationships with God and others, create a safe space for preteens to walk through and work out new developmental and spiritual skills as they enter adolescence, provide a learning environment that allows all types of learners to hear and explore biblical truths in a creative and age-appropriate way so that preteens learn how to walk with Christ and apply biblical truth to their lives, and to walk with parents as they transition into a new phase of parenting and discipleship with their preteens.