Welcome to Pursuit, a discipleship plan to focus on three priorities regarding your personal life, family, and church.


Pick up the spring field guide starting on January 31!


Watch this Video or read on to learn more!

What you Need to Know:
  • Beginning January 31, visit the kiosk in the Commons to ask questions, pick up your Field Guides, and sign up for a Pursuit Challenge Group.
  • As a blessing to you, all field guides are FREE this semester
  • Optional leather Rustico jacket for the Adult guides are $15 (reusable each semester).

Next Steps


Sign up for a Pursuit Challenge Group

A Pursuit Challenge Group is a small group of 10 our less that either meets in person or virtually at various times and places throughout the week. They are either same gender, or coed and some will have childcare provided.

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Start Training Today!

The link below will guide you to a playlist of videos to build basic skills to help you through the process of having a devotion, leading your family though the provided field guides! Each field guide provides helpful tools like a Bible Reading plan, a Scripture memory plan and a journal. The reading plan begins Monday, February 1st, but people can start at any time this semester.

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